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  • The Yamaha MODX Music Synthesizer and Linux

    Capabilities The Yamaha MODX Music Synthesizer has a builtin class compliant audio interface which works out of the box under Linux. The audio capabilities are: Sampling rate: 44100hz (fixed) Analog outputs: 10 Analog inputs: 4 MIDI inputs/outputs: 3 Jack settings Only with the Jack audio system all 10 outputs and 4 inputs can be used […]

  • Using the Univention Corporate Server with single email addresses and Postfix

    Email for small setups with Postfix A lot of system services rely on email or integrate this service. To use the Univention infrastructure with single email addresses, the following postfix configuration can be used.These instructions describe a setup for three freemail accounts using two different providers. Do not enter the freemail domains in UCS as […]

  • The Univention Corporate Server (UCS)

    UCS as a Server infrastructure The Univention Corporate Server (UCS) based on Linux allows the central administration of users, systems and services for small, medium and huge infrastructures. The Core Edition can be used for free, a lot of popular and complex software solutions like groupware or office services can be installed easily using a […]

  • S.u.S.E. 4.4.1 – Linux in 1997

    S.u.S.E. 4.4.1 can still be installed using a virtual machine (KVM/QEMU). Thanks to very old standard technologies like ‘PS/2’ and ‘VGA’ even the graphical desktop can be configured. The installation was quite complicated, but there was a manual containing over 500 pages of help. Installation requirements were 8MB of RAM for text based operations and […]

  • Linux on a Fujitsu Siemens ESPRIMO Mobile D9510 from 2009

    Linux runs well on an old Laptop after installing a SSD. A quick test with Linux Mint Xfce 20.1 showed: Boot (Grub) to login: 15 seconds Login to desktop: 8 seconds The left four of the five buttons on top of the keyboard beneath the power button do not work out of the box: To […]

  • Thunderbird – More than an e-mail client

    Thunderbird can be used for e-mails, appointments, notes, RSS-Feeds and much more. E-Mail Thunderbird recognizes the correct settings from many email providers. Just enter your email address and the correct password. The use of the IMAP protocol ensures that the emails stay on the providers servers. Benefits: emails can be sent using a file manager […]