First generation Raspberry Pi (1)B/B+ as a retro gaming console

After collecting three first generation Raspberry Pi in a drawer I was looking for suitable projects. These instructions are very short and only relevant for using a first generation Raspberry Pi B/B+ as a retro gaming console.

Raspberry Pi B+ (256MB RAM) with heat sinks

General installation

  • Optional: install a heat sink
  • Connect a keyboard and a controller with at least four buttons
  • Install Retropie and configure one controller with the buttons A/B/Select/Start and configure ‘Select’ as hotkey.

Reduce the screen resolution

  • Choose Retropie / Raspi-Config / Display Options / Resolution / 640×480

Overclock the Pi

This should be safe but use at your own risk.

Four buttons are required

  • Choose Retropie / Raspi-Config / Performance Options / P1 Overclock / Turbo 1000 Mhz

Emulator optimization


Vice needs a lot CPU resources which can push the Pi B/B+ to its limits.

Reviving a game collection from the 90s
  • Install Vice, not lr-vice
  • Choose Retropie / RETROPIE SETUP / Manage Packages / Manage optional packages / vice
  • Press F12 to configure the running emulator
  • Choose Sound settings / Output driver = SDL
  • Choose Sound settings / Output Mode = Mono
  • Choose Sound settings / Fragment size = Very large
  • Choose Settings Management / Save current settings

Arcade / MAME

  • Choose MAME4All (already installed) as the emulator
  • Press TAB to configure the running emulator


  • Choose Retropie / RETROPIE SETUP / Manage Packages / Manage optional packages / scummvm

Sega Mega Drive

  • Try the Picodrive emulator by hitting space when starting a game






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