Squid / Privoxy for the impatient

Do you need a caching proxy which blocks tracking and advertising for your whole network? Here’s a quick start guide:

Install Squid and Privoxy:

sudo apt install squid privoxy

Add the following lines to /etc/squid.conf with:

# Allow access for whole network
http_access allow localnet

# Privoxy start
# Forward request to Privoxy
cache_peer localhost parent 8118 7 no-query default no-digest no-netdb-exchange

# ACL for FTP
acl ftp proto FTP

# No FTP through Privoxy
always_direct allow ftp

# Use Privoxy, if available
prefer_direct off
nonhierarchical_direct off
# Privoxy end

# Immediate restart
shutdown_lifetime 0 seconds

Restart Squid to activate the changes. On all Clients, configure http://PROXY-IP:3128 as a proxy.






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