The Yamaha MODX Music Synthesizer and Linux


The Yamaha MODX Music Synthesizer has a builtin class compliant audio interface which works out of the box under Linux. The audio capabilities are:

  • Sampling rate: 44100hz (fixed)
  • Analog outputs: 10
  • Analog inputs: 4
  • MIDI inputs/outputs: 3
All inputs and outputs can be used

Jack settings

Only with the Jack audio system all 10 outputs and 4 inputs can be used with the following settings:

  • Sampling rate: 44100 (fixed)
  • Frames: 512 / 256 / 128 / 64 / 32 / 16 (the lower the better for latency)
  • Buffer: 3 / 2 (the lower the better for latency)


The MODX comes with four MIDI templates for proprietary DAWs, there are three MIDI inputs/outputs:

  • 1: Contains notes, controllers and time syncing
  • 2: Should be used as a control port to connect a DAW (to a Mackie Control Unit)
  • 3: Reserved for future use?

DAW Integration

DAW integration has moved here.






2 responses to “The Yamaha MODX Music Synthesizer and Linux”

  1. Bastian Schick Avatar

    Hi wurzel,

    where did you find the information, that MODX has a class compliant interface, that works with Linux?

    I tried it today with Ubuntu 21.4 but I did not see any MODX audio connections in Ubuntu and/or jack.

    Thanks in advance,

    Best, Bastian

    1. wurzel Avatar

      Hi Bastian,

      not sure where I found the information, but it was very important for my buying decision. Try different USB-Ports and/or different USB cables or another PC for testing. The device works out of the box with ALSA/Pulseaudio and Jack.

      Kind regards,


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