S.u.S.E. 4.4.1 – Linux in 1997

S.u.S.E. 4.4.1 can still be installed using a virtual machine (KVM/QEMU). Thanks to very old standard technologies like ‘PS/2’ and ‘VGA’ even the graphical desktop can be configured. The installation was quite complicated, but there was a manual containing over 500 pages of help. Installation requirements were 8MB of RAM for text based operations and 12MB for the X-Window system.

Live-System, floppy boot disc and two CDROM

The CDROM was not bootable, you had to use a floppy boot disk.YAST was used for installation and configuration:

YAST for configuration and administration

Linux already supported a lot of hardware:

List of supported graphic adapters

The graphical desktop had to be started using the command line with ‘startx’.

The X-Window system


The graphical interface has not changed that much. Vim and the Midnight Commander (mc) were already preinstalled.






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