Thunderbird – More than an e-mail client

Thunderbird can be used for e-mails, appointments, notes, RSS-Feeds and much more.


Thunderbird recognizes the correct settings from many email providers. Just enter your email address and the correct password. The use of the IMAP protocol ensures that the emails stay on the providers servers. Benefits: emails can be sent using a file manager or an office suite, there is a full integration into the desktop


Lightning is an integrated component which handles calendars using the CalDAV protocol.

Address book / ActiveSync

Thunderbird itself has no CardDav support at the moment. You can install the TBSync plugin for CalDAV, CardDAV and
Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support. Be sure to install the TBSync provider for the above protocols, too.

Debugging / Logging

Open a terminal and enter:

export NSPR_LOG_MODULES=all:5

This will enable the maximum debug output for all modules. Further informations for logging can be found on Mozillas Web Docs






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